High Quality Coffee Beans – Highland Vietnam – Hello5 Original

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Hello5 Original: Dark and strong, coffee with high caffeine content. Slightly bitter note with intense aroma. Perfect for Vietnamese espresso and iced coffee. High-quality Culi coffee with a hint of refined Arabica and Robusta, fully-roasted. Coffee specialty with 60% Culi coffee beans (pea beans), 20% Arabica, 20% Robusta.

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Vietnamese coffee is characterized by special preparation and regional subtleties. That’s why it’s my goal to offer you a special and at the same time authentic coffee experience. High quality Vietnamese coffee stands for the finest aroma and gentle processing. This coffee comes from selected fields. Healthy soil and the Vietnamese sun guarantee the best quality.

High-quality premium coffee from Vietnam: Slowly and traditionally roasted in traditional Vietnamese coffee roasters to preserve the diverse and subtle aromas.

Well-digestible, gentle on the stomach and low in acidity through gentle roasting in small batches. Ideal for traditional preparation, filter coffee, fully automatic coffee apparatus and French Press.

Organically grown coffee. This coffee is fertilized exclusively with the remains of coffee beans, rice and soybean husks. No chemistry, no additives.


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