Hi! I’m Lucas, I decided to leave Europe to learn about the culture and lifestyle in Southeast Asia. I live in different parts of Vietnam, catching up with various occupations and volunteering.

I created this site because, I would like to share with you beautiful views of places I discovered and present everyday life of people in this part of the earth in my own way. I also decided that I would provide you the flavors of this region, so that you could even more delve into and feel the atmosphere of Asia.

For this purpose, I created a small online store with coffee, tea and other goodies, so if you want to immerse yourself in the intense flavor of Vietnamese coffee and support my project, I invite you to shopping
And if you were lucky enough to visit such countries as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos, and during the trip you found something that you liked so much that before return flight, like a hamster  decided to stock up, because you knew that you will miss it after returning home or there was no more space in the bag because you bought so many souvenirs for your relatives…
Anyway, stocks will end sometime, or it already did, and you are not on this site without a reason.
You’ve come to the right place!
I will try to help You and find this ‘something’ from Asia and send it to you. All you have to do is contact me and explain what you are looking for, and I will take care of it.